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Front of mask

Front of mask

1. 2-ply TEX: Durable and Breathable material that produces quality control

2. D-Ring to provide flexibility & comfort

3. Flexible-Strap to provide just the right give when using mask

4. 1" Center Release Buckle

5. Strap used for tightening mask when being used

Back of Mask

Back of Mask

1. 2-ply TEX: Soft inside layer that provides maximum comfort and breathability

2. Extra material for comfort and to create eye-cavity when being used

3. Additional Padding under D-Rings for comfort

Bag and strap

"SideKick" Bag and strap

1. Loop for attaching to carry-on bags for easy-access when boarding

2. 2-ply Tex: Provides padding and durability to protect mask and other items inside

3. Snap-Button for closing bag when on-the-move

4. Internal storage for items such as headphones, passport, ear-plugs, phone, keys, etc.

5. Silicone backing to provide grip when wrapped around the independent headrest

6. 1" Center-Release Buckle

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