"Editors' Choice Awards: The Best New Travel Gadgets of 2018"


Holiday Gift Guide 2021: "This new L-shaped travel pillow is a game-changer."


Best pillow for window seats
"The unique design allows it to cozy up against any surface, from a plane to a train to a car, with its straight edge, while its perpendicular side cradles the head."

Save yourself extra trouble and pack smarter with these 5 items in your suitcase:
"The inflatable SeatDreamzzz [Wall Pillow] fits easily in your suitcase and can be inflated quickly (and rather quietly, mercifully) when you want to catch some extra sleep on a red-eye flight."

A Travel Pillow That Will Help You Avoid a Crick—and More Clever Items to Upgrade Your Life This Week:
"Whether you're in the window seat on a plane or a passenger seat in a car, this inflatable pillow will support your noggin so you can snooze. The suede cover makes it soft. Even better, it's inflatable so you can adjust to your perfect comfort level."

"So simple, not bulky, genius!"

Better Space Management (SeatBack Organizer)
The New Travel Essentials: Comfort (Wall Pillow) 
Products Equip Travelers for Pandemic-Shaped Travels (Pillow/Blanket)
"SeatDreamzzz has a new personal comfort item for travelers to help them get a good night’s sleep, whether enduring the dreaded red-eye flight or heading into the wilds on a camping jaunt. Meet the Pillow & Blanket Combo."

"Keep your snacks and gadgets organized on your next flight with SeatDreamzzz clever Seatback Organizer."

"Not business class? No problem - SeatDreamzzz' handy wall pillow lets frequent jet-setters or road trippers rest their heads comfortably wherever they are."

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Travel with Bender
"I tried it out myself and have to say it was surprisingly easy and comfortable. Did it work? Yes, absolutely. It does what it says on the packet. Simple as that. "
"If you’re thinking about flying this year, this sleep mask could be just the thing to start your vacation on the right foot."

Mellie Cay

"I was able to easily sleep on my flight from Los Angeles to Orlando without any head bobbing! My normal sleep mask keeps a little space in your eye area, so I was a little concerned my false eyelashes would get messed up while using the sleep mask, but my lashes ended up being just fine."

"Anyone looking to eliminate head-bobbing on a plane should consider SeatDreamzzz’s sleep mask. If you value function and comfort over appearances, SeatDreamzzz will work for you."